Individual Counseling– We offer individual counseling with several clinicians. We have therapists on staff who are highly trained to work with everything from pregnant people, teens, young adults, and older people. We pride our selves on having specialty training to work with all populations to serve the needs for specialty eating disorder therapy in East Texas and Louisiana. Because, eating disorders impact people throughout the lifespan and in many life stages we work hard to find the clinician that will fit you best. We also offer individual counseling to family members of those struggling with eating disorders because we know supporting the support people is crucial as well.

45-60 minutes | 10$-175$

Family and/or Couples Therapy- Eating disorders don’t exist in a vacuum, they impact the entire system that surrounds the person struggling. We don’t take a “blame the family” approach. We work from a framework of knowing that the system that supports a person is critical to their recovery. You and your loved one are experts of your life and experiences and we want to share with you the knowledge we have about eating disorders and collaborate with you and your loved one to combine these two areas and move forward with a treatment approach that helps you on the often difficult road to recovery. We strive to make family and couples work a healing experience.

60-90 minutes | 20$-250$

Nutrition Appointments- You might not know that eating disorders are treated with a team. This is because they are mental health disorders that also have a nutritional component and medical implications. A lot of people think “if I just deal with the mental health part the nutrition and eating will work itself out,” we used to think this too. However, nutrition is an integral part of recovery and what you learn from an eating disorder trained dietitian is invaluable. We work with the entire family to make eating less of a battleground and more of a joyous part of your life. It is so hard to know what and how to eat in a world with constant and conflicting messages. Even without an eating disorder this is overwhelming and confusing. Let our dietitians help you sift through the noise and get back to enjoying meals again.

45 minutes| 105$

Group Therapy- There is no space more healing than a group of people that just get it and can validate what you are going through! This is why we love groups! We have a series of running groups and speciality groups that are to be determined:

Individual Eating Disorder Support Groups- Mondays @ 5:30pm. Currently enrolling with limited space available.
Family Support Groups- Facilitated by Celeste Smith LMFT, CEDS- Third Saturday of the month @ 9:30-11am. Group Currently Enrolling.
Adolescent Eating Disorder Support and Skills Groups (Longview, Tyler, and fully Virtual Groups offered)- Ongoing year round group. Monday @ 6:30pm.
Adult Virtual Body Image Course- Ongoing Year Round group. Thursday @ 12pm. Currently enrolling.

60-90 Minutes | 25$-45$

Professional Consultation-

Are you a professional working with clients and patients and struggling to know how to help them with their eating disorder, disordered eating or body image concerns? We offer professional consultation and case consultation for other professionals. If you are a medical provider or counselor who just has some questions or needs direction in working with this population, this is one of our favorite things to do. We also offer supervision for LPC licensure, LMFT licensure, and to become a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist.

50/60 mins |  $135